Joanna Siemieńczuk

I follow in life the way of gratitude and love, each experience treating as a lesson and an opportunity for development and people who are encountered on my path as teachers, who beautifully reflect the content that I carry at the moment.

I feel a vocation to share the joy, the passion that I realize, leading Laughter Yoga classes. It is for me one of the paths of spiritual development that triggers creativity, breaking internal blocks, adopted conventions, and stereotypes. Except for joy, I also take care of the beauty that I intentionally express in my painting. On the canvas I shed symbolic manifestations of my dreams, desires, visions and patterns that I want to experience in the world around me. The paintings that I paint help me in the process of reminding myself who I really am, looking at the world through the prism of Love and the pursuit of my Divine potential. Being on the path of liberation from illusion, I completed the Year of Regresing® School, which is a form of regressive therapy that releases from unfavorable subconscious patterns; I participated in a variety of workshops and courses, such as Vedic Art, Ananda Marga Style Yoga Teacher Training Course, Laughter Yoga, Reiki Course, Matrix Energetics, Dance and Movement Workshops and other personal development courses.


The body is for me a material through which one can make a deeper connection with his spirit and experience life in a more conscious, more complete way. I share this experience by conducting intuitive dance classes and leading the Circle of Women, which frees from the illusion, heals, unites with other people and is the way to achieve the balance of male and female energy on Earth.


I feel that deep insight into myself and the opening of heart to pure, unconditional Love are the keys to wisdom, understanding, sense and true humanity.