Regresing® (Author of the technique- Leszek Żądło) is one method that allows you to free yourself from the past; traumas; unfavorable, subconscious patterns and beliefs that sabotage our experience; as well as psychosomatic diseases (that is to say, all). The same is a technique that helps to see reality as it is.

During the Regresing session, the person is placed in a light meditation state and then begins breathing with breaths connected to the upper lung. In this way, emotional blockages and tension appear, thanks to that breath they come to the surface. During the session, the person talks about everything he experiences while he is feeling, and Regreser asks the right questions to remind the person when the first time such an experience took place. He does it so that the person at the session can recognize the cause of the pattern / belief, realize their existence and the illusions they carry and thereby free themselves from them and let them go. The person is fully conscious and is not put into hypnosis. On the contrary, it is freed from the consequences of hypnosis if it has taken place in the past.


Regresing session allows you to release emotions from the body - that is to shout, cry, wake up and throw away what is frozen. The intensity of the session is directly proportional to the readiness. We realize just how much we can lift.

Session lasts 1-2 h

Contraindications for the session are - pregnancy on the maintenance / use of psychotropic or antidepressant drugs over the last six months / taking drugs.


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